Claiming Your Listing

Eureka Dentists aims to provide accurate dental listings so that patients can locate your practice with ease. However, to help control the accuracy, you must be responsible for claiming and updating your listing within the directory. This way, you and only you are in control of your listing.   


To claim your Eureka Dentists listing, please proceed with the following steps.


Sign In or Sign Up For a Eureka Dentists Account


No matter if you have an account with Eureka Dentists, the first step in claiming your listing will be to click "sign in" on the homepage.



Eureka Dentists account holders must enter their email address and unique password before signing in.


Non-Eureka Dentists account holders must first sign up. To be taken to the create an account page, click "register" at the bottom of the sign-in page. Then, enter your name, valid email address, and unique password before clicking on "register."



Locate Your Eureka Dentists Listing


After you have signed in, you should locate your Eureka Dentists listing. You can do this by entering your name into the homepage search bar and clicking "search."



You can create a new listing if one doesn't already exist within the Eureka Dentists director.


Select Your Eureka Dentists Listing


Eureka Dentists will provide search results that correspond closely to your searched name. Once found, click on your name to view the listing details.



Claim Your Eureka Dentists Listing


Take the time to review your Eureka Dentists listing information. Next, click on "claim listing" under your name and address.


Decide on a Eureka Dentists Marketing Plan


Eureka Dentists offers a variety of marketing plans with two types of payment choices each. Click on the "select" button at the bottom of the suitable box to choose the best plan for you.



Pay for Your Eureka Dentists Marketing Plan


Eureka Dentists ensures secure transactions through Stripe. After you confirm the details of your marketing plan, click "pay with card."



Finally, enter your credit card information and an email address. Click "pay" to complete your payment.



Admin Control Process


Once payment has been made, the administrators of the Eureka Dentists directory will receive your claim request. Administrators must verify the identity of the person who wants to claim the listing. Remember, only the person concerned can claim their listing.


After approval, you are free to make any modifications to your Eureka Dentists listing.


We are always available to answer any questions.