FAQs - Eureka Dentists


What can I do to update my unclaimed listing's details?


Your Eureka Dentists listing can be found quickly by our users as long as it's up-to-date. However, to update a listing, the listing owner must first claim it. This process helps to eliminate erroneous updates by others to your unclaimed listing.


First, you need to locate your unclaimed listing through a directory search to claim your listing. Then, click on the "Claim Listing" button below your name. After claiming, you can make the appropriate updates.


Alternatively, if you don't wish to claim your listing, you can request to have your listing removed from the Eureka Dentists directory. Simply provide a written request, including suitable identification with the sensitive information redacted. After verifying that the person submitting the request matches the unclaimed listing, the Eureka Dentists team can complete the request. Additionally, your identification will then be removed from our records.


Confirming your practice's details across all online directories is also essential and easy if you know how. Try our free location scan, which will allow you to view your practice's appearance online.


Why should I claim my listing?


Google notes that comprehensive listings are 197% more likely to be regarded as trustworthy than listings without enough (or any) details. Users are more likely to view your listing if you claimed it and updated all pertinent information (such as hours, reviews, and services)


Should I worry about incorrect details about my local business?


Yes! 73% of consumers are susceptible to losing faith in businesses if they don't provide accurate online details. Consequently, companies can lose more than $10 billion yearly due to insufficient or incorrect online details.


What do I include when creating a listing?


The Eureka Dentists team wants to make it easy. Check out these instructions on creating a listing.


Do I have to sign a contract?


Nope. When you claim your listing, you choose the most suitable subscription level. However, you can cancel at any point.


Why is a Featured Listing or Home Page Featured Listing expensive?


A featured listing appears higher in our search results, thus improving the chance for clicks by 75%. Therefore, a well-optimized profile with a featured subscription will significantly boost traffic to your listing.


Furthermore, a Home Page Featured Listing gives your dental practice maximum visibility since it's prominently displayed on the Eureka Dentists homepage. Users don't need to start a search to find your practice.


The increased visibility can equal new patients more regularly for your dental practice. 


Do all practice areas need to be included in my listing?


Indeed. A comprehensive listing builds trust when patients view your practice online.


What to do if the free location scan reveals incorrect digital details?


Localsync is here to help you synchronize and lock all of your online location details.


Which directory should I use?


Use multiple. Online directories are essential for expanding your practice's reach. Each directory gives your practice a valuable backlink, helping to enhance your SEO, so you rank higher on Google.