Upgrading your Subscription

Are you satisfied with your Eureka Dentists listing but wondering if you can get more from it? You are right! Upgrade your marketing subscription for premium site placement.


Access Your Eureka Dentists Account


Access your Eureka Dentists account by clicking the sign-in button on the homepage and entering your login credentials.



Find Your Eureka Dentists Listing


Go to your Eureka Dentists dashboard by clicking user, then dashboard, followed by listings. Here you can access all your active dental listings. 



Claim Eureka Dentists Listing to Upgrade


Click the claim listing link under your name to view the available marketing subscription plans.



Select Your Marketing Subscription Plan


Here you can review and choose which marketing subscription plan best suits your practice. Click on the select this plan button to access the relevant subscription box.



Upgrade Your Marketing Subscription Plan


Eureka Dentists handles payments via Stripe for fast and secure transactions. After confirming your subscription details and price, click pay with card.



Finally, enter your email address and credit card information before clicking pay to finish your upgrade.



Don't hesitate to contact the Eureka Dentists team should you need any assistance.